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The Modal Effects Disruption is a modular gain pedal with interchangeable blocks

Modal Effects Disruption
(Image credit: Modal Effects)

New pedal company Modal Effects has launched a Kickstarter page for its new modular guitar pedal, Disruption, which allows players to physically switch out different tonal elements via the use of physical modules.

Disruption’s design means players can use a choice of three plug-in and play modules (dubbed mods by Modal Effects), including boost, overdrive, distortion and fuzz, plus a choice of low-pass or mid-scoop tone sections. 

The signal runs through the pedal slots in series from right to left, and the player can decide on the order of their modules, which in turn alters the output signal.

Mod connections are made via magnetic strips, which should make for easy swaps, while a solo channel selector allows players to bypass or engage individual slots.

Each of the mods has its own controls, too. So the tone or level can be adjusted depending on the mod, while on the fuzz, overdrive and distortion mods there’s an additional toggle switch, offering a choice of clipping diode combinations.

Disruption already looks like it could be a lot of fun, but as ever, its success will ultimately depend on the tones you can wrangle from it. The demos certainly sound promising, though...

The Kickstarter has already exceeded its initial funding goal of $10,000, and will continue to run until January 13, 2022. The pedal itself starts at $239.

For more information, head to the Modal Effects Disruption Kickstarter page.

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