NAMM 2024: “Taking octaver capabilities to the next level”: Mooer Audio hypes up its new pitch-shifter and harmony pedals with its latest X2 Series releases

Mooer Audio Tender Octaver X2 & Harmony X2
(Image credit: Mooer Audio)

It’s double trouble over at Mooer Audio as the firm has unveiled two new effects pedals in the run-up to NAMM 2024. These come in the form of the Harmony X2 and the Tender Octave X2, which are harmony and octave pedals respectively and continue Mooer’s no-nonsense approach to usability and interface design.

The Harmony X2 is, according to its makers, “a highly specialized and versatile harmonic shifting pedal” that’s designed for the studio and the stage. Players can flit between the major and minor modes of each of the 12 pitches of the chromatic scale for tailored harmonies. Select a root note and there are 11 harmony modes to play about with, including thirds, fifths, sevenths and octaves.  

The Harmony X2 is specifically built to facilitate independent stereo harmonies to help double your money. That means you can choose different harmonic intervals for its left and right outputs, with their volumes and dedicated tails independently adjustable, too.

The intensity of the harmonies can be dialled via a dry control, with a bank of slots for saving presets. A simple dual footswitch, one for left and one for right outputs is in place to keep things simple. LED indicators help identify the selected settings on even the darkest of stages.

It features two ¼” inputs, supporting both mono and stereo and two ¼” outputs that support stereo mixed or individual output modes. This dual option aims to give users increased flexibility.

The Tender Octaver X2, meanwhile, is the firm’s third octave pedal to date. Following its Pure and Purer models, its younger brother aims to “take guitar octave capabilities to the next level” by focusing solely on octave shifts, rather than semitone switches.

It offers two different octave shift modes, adding subjacent and upper frequencies to the guitar signal. Both options have dedicated dials for adjusting the volume of the added octave and fine-tuning its tonal color.

The two effects can be toggled on/off independently via footswitches, which are paired with LED indicators for ease of use. They can be engaged at the same time, giving guitarists a triple threat of octave possibilities. Up to 14 presets can be saved into its bank and can be browsed through via the two dedicated footswitches.   

Mooer Audio cheekily encourages users to pair the pedal with its Pure or Purer models. By doing so, it claims players will have access to “just about any pitch-shift combination” for guitars of every style and experience level. Whether players can dedicate two slots for octave pedals on their boards becomes a matter of preference.

For more subtle octave effects, both registers can be adjusted via volume and direct controls, with the latter filtering the dry signal strength. Alternatively, they can be cranked for full-on pitch-shifting craziness.

Both pedals are powered by a standard 9V plug and come with a power supply in the box. They become part of Mooer's growing X2 series of effects pedals, joining a roster that includes reverb and delay pedals, cab-switching pedals and a drum machine.   

Mooer Audio, which also manufactures amps, a digital wind instrument called the Wi100, and audio interfaces, entered the guitar pedals game in 2010. Marty Friedman and Devin Townsend are among its listed artists, alongside Italian jazz guitarist Alessio Menconi.

To keep up to date with all the latest gear releases ahead of NAMM 2024, head over to our guide to the latest NAMM 2024 news.

For more information on the new X2 Series pedals, visit Mooer Audio.

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