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NAMM 2020: Sandberg announces fresh basses with a range of specs and finishes

(Image credit: Sandberg Guitars)

NAMM 2020: Sandberg has announced several new basses in its ever growing collection - the Lionel short-scale passive model, a new addition to the California SuperLight Series and an upgrade to the current Nighthawk series - the Nighthawk Plus.

Also included in this slew of new releases is the California VM5 with Aguilar Electronics - a huge name in the world of bass guitar.

The Lionel model will include a 30" scale-length neck and passive split coil pickup configuration and will feature both matte and aged finishes.

The California TT4 SuperLight will feature an ultra-lightweight Paulownia body, and a roasted maple neck.

(Image credit: Sandberg)

As previously mentioned, the Nighthawk Plus is an upgrade over the existing Nighthawk series, and will feature Sandberg-designed Black Label pickups, a striking black headstock and an anodized aluminum pickguard.

The California VM5 will feature an OBP-2 Preamp, an AG 5P 60s split coil pickup in the neck position, and an AG 5M in the bridge position.

These basses will be available from January 14 - prices are TBC.

For more information, head to Sandberg Guitars.