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Nili Brosh, Erja Lyytinen and many more perform mind-blowing all-female Layla guitar jam

We’ve seen some great quarantine video jams lately, and the latest in this category comes from Tel Aviv-based music producer Liz Barak, who arranged, produced, recorded and mixed an all-female electric guitar take on the Derek and the Dominos classic Layla.

As Barak explained to us, “there are 10 female E-guitarists playing here,” including Nili Brosh and Erja Lyytinen, as well as a female drummer, bass player, keyboardist and singer."

What’s more, they musicians vary in location from Helsinki, Nigeria, Israel and Italy to the US, Australia, Hungary and Mexico.

All revenues, Barak continues, will be donated to the fight in global warming.

You can check out the video above, and for more information, check out the Liz Barak Project.