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Paul McCartney Hints That a Version of The Beatles Might Perform at Olympics

The Sun newspaper in London reports that Paul McCartney has been hinting that he will put together a version of The Beatles to perform at the 2012 Olympic games in London.

During a televised interview, McCartney nodded when asked if he would perform at the London games. But after realizing that he might've given away too much, he backtracked, saying "I hear there's a rumor that I might be involved."

According The Sun, an insider said, "Macca was just being coy about the details. He has been speaking to organizers and has said he'd love to be involved with the games in some way. The organizers want the music legend to appear alongside other big British acts. And they also want Ringo Starr on stage as well to make it extra special."

The newspaper even suggests that George Harrison and John Lennon might be represented by their offspring.