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Save $100 on Boss's very best effects pedals, the almighty 500 series - for a limited time only

Boss 500 Series pedals
(Image credit: Roland)

Along with big deals on its Nextone guitar amps, Boss has also dropped some great Cyber Monday guitar deals on its high-performance 500 series pedals, with a cool $100 off each unit in the range.

This deal has been rocking the guitar world for the past few days, and today is your last chance to grab one of these superlative stompboxes at this price, with retailers already selling out across the US. Sam Ash is one of the only ones left with stock ready to send, so don't wait around!

The DD-500 Digital Delay claims to be “the most powerful and versatile stompbox delay ever created” and it does not disappoint – with 12 distinctive delay modes, each with their own deep editing controls, MIDI control and more.

Its latest update offers even more performance enhancements and unparalleled flexibility, with options for advanced routing and both series and parallel modes, plus five new effects and more parameters to play with. This Cyber Monday deal sees it marked down almost a third, from $349.99 to a pocket-friendly $249.99.

Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Pedal: now $249.99 | Save $100
If you’re looking for the ultimate delay pedal, with no compromises on power, this could very well be it.View Deal

Boss has been responsible for some of the most famous modulation sounds ever recorded, so it’s no surprise that their MD-500 Modulation caters for almost every need at the highest possible level. It boasts 28 different algorithms with intensive programming parameters, of which it claims offer “a nearly limitless sound palette to create with”.

Whether it’s the sound of an original CE-1 Chorus Ensemble, ‘70s script phaser or ’80 tri-chorus you’re looking for, it’s a modulation unit that will have you covered on all fronts for just $249.99.

Boss MD-500 Modulation Pedal: now $249.99 | Save $100
A modulation monster, packed with all the chorus, vibrato, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary, vibe, ring mod, auto and touch wah effects you could ever need.View Deal

The RV-500 pedal features the most powerful reverb processor Boss has ever produced. Its 12 modes and 21 reverb algorithms are there to help users “journey to new dimensions of time and space” with studio-level quality.

Better still, it even offers digital delay along with every reverb patch and the option to run two reverb patches simultaneously. That’s a whole lot of ambience for just $249.99.

Boss RV-500 Reverb Pedal: now $249.99 | Save $100
Deep-dive into a world of ambience and explore even greater distances with this spatial navigator.View Deal

Effects pedals for singers have never been more popular and Boss’ high-powered VE-500 Vocal Performer gives vocalists a chance to bring a full studio-quality production to their voice on any stage.

Its sophisticated harmony and pitch correction functions are able to automatically track the chords you play on your guitar, while there’s also world-class reverb, delay and modulation sounds, plus more specialty effects like distortion, filtering and a vocoder. Now it can be yours for $299.99.

Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer Pedal: now $299.99 | Save $100
The all-in-one box for singers, with its own harmonizer, pitch corrector and vocoder as well as on-board studio effects…View Deal

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