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Taylor Guitars recruits over 50 artists – including Zac Brown, Jason Mraz and KT Tunstall – for uplifting 2021 single, I Know What Love Is

[L-R] Zac Brown, Jason Mraz and KT Tunstall
(Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

Let's face it: 2020 was pretty much a write-off. Fortunately, however, 2021 looks much more promising. Taylor Guitars has set out to embody this optimism in song by recruiting Zac Brown, Jason Mraz, KT Tunstall and more for one-time supergroup single, I Know What Love Is.

Featuring over 50 artists from Taylor's artist roster, the track – written by Keith Goodwin of Good Old War – aims to raise money for members of the music industry whose careers have been put on hold by the pandemic.

All proceeds from the project will go toward MusiCares, a charity set up by the Recording Academy (The Grammy Awards) which provides a support system of health and human services for musicians with a spectrum of needs, including COVID-19 relief.

In addition, several of the artists involved will premiere the track live at next week's NAMM Believe In Music Week.

"During lockdown, one of the most challenging things for me was trying to adapt to not having my friends around to play music with,” Goodwin says.

“This project really helped keep me focused on making music when everything else in life had changed so drastically. I’m grateful for this opportunity to connect and collaborate with such great artists and for a good cause. We are all lucky to be able to share our love of music together."

Adds KT Tunstall, “So many brilliantly talented crew, venue teams and artists have been financially crippled by the arrival of COVID-19, and hopefully we can ease some of that pain a little through MusiCares.”

I Know What Love Is will be available on all major music platforms to stream and download from January 21. For more information, head over to Taylor Guitars.

Taylor Guitars

(Image credit: Taylor Guitars)

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