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Teenage Wrist's Marshall Gallagher delivers a cornucopia of shoegazey lead lines in this playthrough of Taste of Gasoline

Building upon the solid musical foundation laid by their debut full-length, Chrome Neon Jesus, LA shoegaze-rockers Teenage Wrist are back with their sophomore effort, Earth Is A Black Hole.

The new record plays host to no shortage of standout guitar moments, not least on Taste of Gasoline. The song, of course, was released as a single back in December, but today, Guitar World is proud to host its very first official guitar playthrough.

Guitarist Marshall Gallagher navigates the track's effects-laden arpeggiated lead lines and monstrous powerchords, and shows just why Teenage Wrist are a name to watch in 2021.

Gear-wise, he plays two electric guitars – a Fender Ultra Stratocaster and a modified Ibanez Blazer – through Marshall and Friedman amps, and a pedalboard consisting of a Strymon BlueSky reverb pedal, DOD FX65 chorus, Way Huge Swollen Pickle fuzz, Xotic BB preamp and an Ernie Ball VP JR volume pedal.

Taste of Gasoline was our first attempt at making something slightly uptempo for the LP,” Gallagher says. “It was the first of our co-writes with Colin Brittain and it came together fairly quickly and organically. 

“As always, I tried to use bigger than necessary chord shapes with a few droning open strings, even with a lot off fuzz it adds cool harmonic content. The trem bar on my Player Series Jaguar always inspires something as well – that’s the slightly Van Halen moment in the bridge. 

“Tone-wise, we tried to draw a through-line between Kurt Ballou metal distortion, '90s ultra fuzz and Alex Lifeson-esque clean chorus.”

Teenage Wrist's new album Earth Is A Black Hole is available now via Epitaph Records.

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