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The best-selling amps of 2020 have been revealed

Reverb's best selling amps of 2020
(Image credit: Future)

Last week, released its list of the site’s top-selling effect pedals of 2020, with EarthQuaker Devices’ Sunn O))) Life Pedal V2 named the Best-Selling New for 2020, and TC Electronic’s Ditto Looper taking top honors as Best-Selling Overall.

Now the popular online music marketplace has unveiled its Best-Selling Guitar Amps of 2020, with Boss’ Katana-50 taking the top slot.

Filling out the Top 5 are Fender’s Blues Junior and three entries from Orange – the Micro Dark and MT20 Micro Terror heads and the Crush CR35RT.

Reverb’s list is based on total orders on the site inclusive of both new and used gear. The company also notes that separating out to just new or just used didn't change the rankings much.

Reverb goes on to state that, somewhat predictably, the best-selling amps are affordable models from well-known brands. Some, like the Fender reissues, fit a more traditional tube amp mold, while others – like the Boss amps and the Yamaha THR10 – offer new tech like onboard effects.

On the bass side, meanwhile, the Fender Rumble took the top four slots (in order, the Rumble 25, 40, 100 and 15), with Ampeg’s BA210-V2 combo coming in at Number 5.

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