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The Black Keys' online MasterCourse will teach you how to "write music like the pros"

There are a lot of online guitar tutorials out there, but if you really want to learn how to write songs – or, as Dan Auerbach contends, are interested in buying a new pool – you’d do well to check out the Black Keys MasterCourse.

The Let’s Rock duo have unveiled a new Funny or Die trailer in which they outline their mock online class, with Dan Auerbach displaying his cadre of super-expensive guitars and drummer Patrick Carney proudly christening himself the band’s front man.

If this sounds like your sort of learning environment, check out the video above.

As Carney contends, “After this course you’ll be able to write music like the pros.”

“Unless you’re not naturally gifted like us,” Auerbach adds. “Then we can’t really help you.”