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The Top Five Tips for Surviving a Guitar Store

If you’ve spent any time in a guitar store—and haven’t we all?—you know it can be a miserable experience.

In addition to coping with the guitar wankings of other customers, you invariably have to deal with grumpy retail staff who can be rude and dismissive and make your visit a nightmare.

In the latest Guitar Nerds video, Mark shares his top five tips for making the best of your retail experience. The tips range from practical ways you can prepare for your shopping trip to suggestions about how to deal with guitar store staff members.

Above all, Mark says, just be nice…and have a little pity for the staff.

“Yes, bad guitar store staff can be surly, unhelpful and uninterested,” he says. “But can you imagine waking up every day knowing that you’re gonna hear ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ played badly at deafening volumes around 300 times during the course of your working day?”

Have a look. And when you’re done, visit Guitar Nerds’ YouTube channel for more of their videos.