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Upgrade your Sadowsky – or any J-style bass – with the new Sadowsky VTC Retrofit Kit

Sadowsky's Vintage Tone Control (VTC) Retrofit Kit
(Image credit: Sadowsky)

Sadowsky has introduced the Vintage Tone Control (VTC) Retrofit Kit, an upgrade for older Sadowsky bass guitars or similar models without a tone control and a stacked potentiometer for treble and bass.

The VTC Retrofit Kit includes a tandem potentiometer for treble and bass, a push/pull potentiometer for the passive tone control and all necessary assembly parts.

Additionally, Sadowsky has released the Onboard Bass Preamp (4-Knob System), a completely prewired system offering the same controls and active preamp found on all Sadowsky basses.

The preamp is designed for installation on most J-style basses with a metal control plate.

Onboard Bass Preamp (4-Knob System)

Onboard Bass Preamp (4-Knob System) (Image credit: Sadowsky)

Controls include Volume, Pan (Balance), VTC (Vintage Tone Control) and Treble / Bass. The treble and bass controls are boost only, and the VTC control is passive, with the maximum setting a flat EQ.

The preamp can be installed either with the included control plate or mounted through a rear control cavity in either a four-in-line or diamond pattern.

The VTC Retrofit Kit is available in November for €99 (approx. $115), while the Onboard Bass Preamp has an October release date and is priced at €159 (approx. $185).

For more information, head to Warwick.