Warm Audio adds two new pedals to its ranks – and they sure look familar

Warm Audio ODD and Mutation Phasor II
(Image credit: Warm Audio)

Warm Audio has introduced two new stompboxes that take the phrase “inspired by” to a whole new level.

Indeed, the ODD Over Driver Disorder and Mutation Phasor II wear their inspirations on their sleeves, and both look awfully similar to the cult classic pedals that informed Warm Audio’s latest offerings.

Taking things one at a time, the ODD is arguably the most derivative of the pair, and is quite clearly the Austin-based company’s take on Fulltone’s popular OCD overdrive. 

Such observations are justified not only from Warm Audio’s own description of the pedal – “Inspired by an iconic pedalboard staple overdrive,” it says – but also from the actual unit itself.

That white enclosure, three-knob layout and toggle switch placement are all a dead-ringer for the OCD, and while the font is slightly different – and the “Tone” label has been shifted – there’s no mistaking what the ODD is trying to be.

The particular pedal will be received especially well by fans of the Fulltone, not least because the OCD has now been discontinued, and is currently commanding prices of more than $450 on the second-hand gear market.

As such, the $119 ODD marks a very attractive alternative in the wake of the OCD’s demise, especially with Warm Audio’s vow to deliver “all the sound of a cranked, saturated tube amp” through a hard-clipping, op-amp-based circuit.

It’s not all about appearances, either – Warm Audio has committed to the OCD bit, opting for a faithful through-hole construction, TLO82CP Op-Amp and 2N7000 transistors, and hand-selected capacitors.

In practice, the ODD promises to sound as it looks, vying for a cranked, chimey amp tone in its UK setting and an edge-of-breakup punch in the US setting.

It’s a similar story for the Mutation Phasor II, which visually nods to the ‘70s-era Mu-Tron Phasor II stompbox it’s inspired by through an identical aesthetic and control layout.

Again, tones are just as important as looks, with the unit featuring a faithful three-knob topography to add “depth, wobble, swirl or instant funk” to not only guitar but “anything you can dream of”.

These original controls include Rate, Depth and Feedback knobs – the Power switch of the Mu-Tron Phasor II has been deemed surplus to requirements – which are tasked with dialing in the desired amount of swirly phase-shifting and deep modulation.

A true-to-spec circuit has reportedly been retained, comprising RC4558P op-amps, vintage-style diodes, carbon resistors and film caps.

As was the case with the ODD, the Mutation Phasor II looks to fill the glaring gap in the market left by the vintage Mu-Tron unit, which can only be bought on the second hand market. The price for those examples? Anywhere between $600 and $700. The Warm Audio Mutation Phasor II? $149.

For more information, head over to Warm Audio.

It's important to note that Warm Audio's whole philosophy is “faithful recreations” of “legendary sounds”, and it's not the first time the brand has doubled-down on the motto.

Last year, it unveiled two look-a-likes for the Klon Centaur and Hermida Audio Zendrive.

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