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New Company Launches at Summer NAMM: Sublime Guitar Company

At the 2013 Summer NAMM trade show in Nashville, the Sublime Guitar Company officially launched its line of electric and acoustic guitars.

Citing an emphasis on high quality at affordable price points, the company is focused on designing and manufacturing modern guitars from classic inspiration.

"We are elated to begin sharing our products and ideas with the guitar community after over a year of pre-launch development. We are very grateful for the warm reception we have already experienced this early on, " said Tommy Platt (VP of Product Development).

Terry Platt, Chad Huang, Michael Swenson, and Rick Hughes (Co-Founders of Crush Drums & Percussion) have partnered with Tommy Platt and Chris Tontini to form the Sublime Guitar Company in Tampa, FL. At its launch, the company has endorsements with several artists, including: Shawn Milke and Jake Campbell (Alesana), "Patches" Judge (Demon Hunter), Joe Arick (Jake Owen), and others.

The company's mission statement is as follows:

"At SGC, we believe in the power of music and the impact it has on the lives of people around the world. Our mission is to provide products that excite and inspire guitarists of all skill levels, while maintaining the highest standards of quality at every price point. We will constantly strive to foster a sense of community among our customers, endorsed artists, and dealers as we create a lasting legacy together."

For more information about the Sublime Guitar Company, visit its official website. Also check out the company's Facebook page and Twitter account.

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