August 8, 1966: "Hundreds of Beatles Records Are to Be Pulverized in a Giant Municipal Tree-Grinding Machine ..."



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Well let's face the facts shall we? In 1966 the Beatles were more popular than Jesus and I can think of at least 2 reasons for it.

#1. The Beatles were in the middle of a "World Tour". Jesus hadn't done any kind of tour in 2,000 years. What did they expect.

#2. And most importantly the Beatles are REAL not a Fairytale made up to keep the simple minded in check.

The whole Record/Book/Souvenirs burning thing just exposed how dangerous the Crazy Bible Thumpers really are. The entire episode was so reminiscent of the Book Burners in 1930's Germany.


box of dope

superstition makes people crazy.



Very wise man



Hmm, I really wonder (and never know of course) In 1966, Jesus and the Beatles appearing in separate arenas - who would have the bigger audience?



Lennon never was shy about touting his own achievements. I wonder if he still thought as highly of himself and his band mates when he became a Reagan. In any event, all of this more popular than Jesus stuff was overshadowed by the to this day unsolved question about Paul, and if he is really dead or just may as well be . . .

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