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High Strung: The 25 All-Time Weirdest Guitarists

Once upon a time, the mere act of strapping on an electric guitar and cranking up an amplifier marked one as an outsider, a rebellious badass who refused to live by the laws of a "decent" society. But today's cookie-cutter rockers and forgettable pop janglers make studying for the priesthood seem like an edgier pursuit than playing guitar in a band.

Neon Trees Guitarist Chris Allen Reduces His Rig for 'Pop Psychology'

“Every time we head into the studio, I probably haul in 10 amps and 15 guitars,” Neon Trees guitarist Chris Allen says, laughing. “But this time, we tried to simplify it. We really just wanted to do this record with a couple of amps and a few guitars.”

Animals As Leaders Guitarist Tosin Abasi Discovers 'The Joy of Motion'

Animals As Leaders keep things moving with their latest release.

Listen: Animals As Leaders Streaming New Album, 'The Joy of Motion'

Having given the instrumental prog-metal envelope a serious push with their first two records—2009’s Animals as Leaders and 2011’s Weightless—Tosin Abasi and longtime guitar partner Javier Reyes are taking their virtuoso approach to the next level on their latest effort, The Joy of Motion.

Guitar World's 10 Essential Classic Metal Albums

This list of Guitar World's 10 essential classic metal albums is part of a much larger feature — Guitar World's 100 Essential Guitar Albums — much of which you'll be seeing in the weeks ahead.

Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan Talk Gear, Roots and The Winery Dogs' Stripped-Down Sound

As the Winery Dogs, Richie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy team up for some roof-raising improvisation on their self-titled debut.


Guitarists Gone Wild

Guitar World salutes more than 20 guitarists who never miss an opportunity to behave badly -- whether they're trashing Christmas trees or feasting on chunks of human brain. Let them be an example to us all!


Zakk Wylde: Wylde World

While he's busting his hump playing two sets a night at Ozzfest, he's recording two new albums and composing music for ESPN. Zakk Wylde might be Shot to Hell, but we're happy to report he still has time to shoot the shit.


Scars on Broadway: A Scar is Born

With System of a Down on life support, Daron Malakian takes his act to the next stage with Scars on Broadway, his new rock-inspired band.