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Session Guitar: Guidelines on What to Charge Different Clients

Hi, gang! I'm often asked how much I charge for sessions. I am not going to talk actual dollars and cents; however, I can give you the guidelines I use to earn a FAIR wage. These days, home studios are commonplace. That being said, we all must learn how to negotiate a fee. I do not believe in making the quick buck and charging everyone the same. Why? The economy. I would rather make less than make nothing at all. And there are many varying reasons why we can, and maybe should, use a sliding scale when speaking of payment.

Session Guitar: Don't Downplay the Importance of Playing Rhythm

What do Eddie Van Halen, Keith Richards, Andy Summers, The Edge, James Hetfield and Jimi Hendrix have in common? They are all great rhythm players. These guys, and so many more, have restructured and redesigned the role and sound of playing rhythm guitar. And since 80 percent or more of your musical life may very well be spent playing rhythm, we should talk about it.

Session Guitar: A Week in the Life of a Busy Session Guitarist

Each day typically begins around 5 a.m. That's when I get my personal time to exercise, walk, plan meals, etc. Take care of yourself first! When the real work day starts, it can be difficult to halt the momentum and take time out for exercising and eating healthy. I learned this the hard way. Enough said.

Session Guitar: Learning Lessons From a Total Nightmare Session

So a question I'd like to respond to this week: "Was there ever a session that went wrong ... a bad experience?" Here's my story ... I remember no names. The studio was in Long Island, NY, in the 1980s. It was a day I wished I never had ... but it ended up OK ... and a big lesson was learned.

Session Guitar: The Seven Deadly Sins of Home Recording

Hi, gang. I've been getting numerous questions asking why the recordings you are doing at home don't sound like your favorite CD! I gave that some thought and came up with what I will refer to as the Seven Deadly Sins you are making! (And by the way, thanks to the people who sent me mp3s to critique.) So here goes ...

Less Is More, But Not When It Comes to Tracking Guitar Parts

Something you may be surprised to hear is that it is often very common to have as many as 10 to 15 guitar tracks on a single pop/rock song.

Photo Gallery: The Top 10 Session Guitarists

One of the most important things I can explain to people who want to become session players is how they need to take a good long look at those who have gone before. In this photo gallery is a list of some of MY faves -- and a brief description of each player.

Session Guitar: The Importance of Playing "In The Pocket"

So what is the pocket and how can you learn it? You can’t learn it without hearing and feeling it. You can’t understand it in a vacuum. It exists and shows its teeth and beauty while playing live with other musicians. Once you learn it, your life will never be the same.

Session Guitar: How to Build a Solid Client Base

Some believe the day of the studio musician is over. Not so, by any means. We’re just hiding in the comfort of our own home studios. These days, we are most likely our own contractors, arrangers, engineers, producers and -- oh yeah -- musicians.

Session Guitar: Required Software for Home Recording Sessions

What software is best/necessary to do professionally compatible sessions at home? There are so many choices, so many options and a wide range of prices. Don't let salesmen fool you. You do not need Pro Tools. If you use it, great! If not, great! Use something else.