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Guitar Bar: Weather and Your Guitar

Coming out of winter and going into spring and early summer, our repair shop gets overwhelmed with guitars coming in with cracks, popped or lifting bridges, severe neck warps and other weather-related issues that require attention.

Guitar Bar: Make Your Cables Last, Jack!

Just the other day at rehearsal, my fellow guitarist asked me if the guitar cable I was using was the same one I’d had “forever.” I realized then that I had indeed been using that same cable for at least the past three years on tours around the world without it once ever giving me a problem. Why? I realized that with some basic cable care, I’d probably saved myself some money -– and more importantly -– cable failure during a performance.

Four Fun Pedals to Check Out: Tech 21 Roto Choir, Boss PS-3, Zvex Box of Rock and fOXX Tone Machine

Here at Guitar Bar, we’re pedal freaks. We're a small shop that tries to carry as much cool stuff as we can fit. Luckily, pedals are always easy to squeeze in. New, used, vintage -- there’s always a lot of pedals here that keep me experimenting.

Guitar Bar: What to Consider When Buying a Used Marshall Amp

Although it’s a topic that brings up a lot of questions, I'll try and boil it down to the basics.