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Guitar Aficionado: 1994 TLG-94P MIJ “50th Anniversary” Fender Custom Telecaster

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. In the case of those guitar enthusiasts familiar with the guitars of Fender Japan (Fujigen), or MIJ/CIJ as they are commonly known in Fender circles, we’re not just talking imitation—we’re talking major collector’s vibe.

Guitar Aficionado: Elvis Presley's 1953 Martin 00-21 at Auction

Currently on the block through Heritage Auctions is a Martin 00-21 played by Elvis Presley during the early years of his career.This particular 00-21 was later given as a gift by Presley to actor and Hawaii Five-O star Jack Lord

Guitar Aficionado: Epiphone Elitist Series 1965 Casino

The Epiphone and Gibson companies were fierce rivals in the Thirties, constantly trying to outdo each other’s designs. But with the death of its dynamic leader, Epi Stathopoulo, in 1943, Epiphone’s reputation for quality and innovation began to slide. In 1957, the East Coast–based company finally threw in the towel and sold its bass line, and the right to manufacture under the Epiphone name, to Gibson.

Guitar Aficionado: 1983 Ibanez Joe Pass JP20

Guitar Aficionado recently posted this article written by Alan Schulman on the 1983 Ibanez Joe Pass JP20. An excerpt from the article follows.