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The Oil Slick: Three Bands to Watch Out for in 2013

This year saw the resurgence of several older garage rock denizens, like the Foo Fighters and the (car) commercially reliable Black Keys, but it also saw some lesser-known groups take steps toward becoming ubiquitous. Don't be surprised if these guys are everywhere in 2013 ... provided there is a 2013.

The Oil Slick: Great Garage Rock Gifts

The best thing about the holiday time of year is it grants you permission to shamelessly beg relatives for things you are too poor to afford yourself. Thanks to that, it's an amazing time to expand your music collection to include those box sets or DVDs you might not have had the cash to buy at first.

The Oil Slick: The Worst Parts of Going to a Concert (It's Not the Band)

Everyone loves a good concert. You know, those rare times the artists on stage are having as much fun as people out in the crowd, and it changes from an event to an experience. It's something Facebook photos don't get close to describing. Concerts are the ultimate music-appreciation service, but as music is evolving so that even your grandma can effortlessly get her Bieber fix from iTunes, sometimes concerts seem a little less inviting.

The Oil Slick: Garage Musicians Make Great Halloween Costumes

Halloween is here. Who are you going to be this year? With the economy not doing so hot and that Harry Potter costume from last year still sporting the aftermath of a cheese dip incident, it's time to come up with a cheap plan B. Luckily for fans of garage rock, cheap is well respected in the genre, and some of its biggest figures dress like an auto mechanic or a 19th-century vampire on a daily basis. Strange for them, great for you.

The Oil Slick: The Cons of Being a Pro

Being a professional musician looks like one of the coolest things a person is paid to do, and I'm sure it usually is. There's the road tripping, the stalker-like enthusiasm of fans and the freedom to pursue almost any twisted vice you can come up with.

The Oil Slick: Three Bands We Need Back

Being in a band is like being in a family. The difference is, when you get sick of each other in a band, you get to split off and name a side project after yourself instead of being stuck constantly screening your phone calls. Some bands have the music part down pat but wouldn't be caught in the same room as their drummer. When this happens, the band usually ends up existing purely in the past tense. Here are a couple bands that drifted apart way before they should have.

The Oil Slick: Three Albums That Didn't Overthink It

Some albums heap sophistication on every track, burdening each chord with subtlety and making listeners work for every sonic breakthrough. They are albums that are best heard through headphones while staring plaintively at the wall, absorbing every nuance. Like Radiohead.

The Oil Slick: The Summer Festival Survival Guide

Summer means festivals. And those all-you-can-eat -- um, hear -- sonic explosions have more than enough sights and sounds to keep you entertained the entire day. But with 90 decibels of bass pounding into your chest, it can be difficult to remember some of the basics of survival.

Interview: Former Black Flag Bassist Chuck Dukowski Discusses New CD6 Album, 'Haunted'

The Chuck Dukowski Sextet (CD6) -- the creation of former Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski -- is three quarters Dukowski. Chuck handles bass duties; his wife, Lora, sings and creates the band's album artwork; their son, Milo, plays guitar. The family/band released a new album, Haunted, in June.

The Oil Slick: Exploring America Through Headphones — San Francisco

Although we may not have a definitive scene like Detroit circa 2000, there are still several cities hosting their own take on high-decibel garage rock. Since summer (travel season) is giving us almost no music news, why not check out some great bands from different cities across the US?