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The Oil Slick: The Garage Rock Grammys

Since the real Grammy Awards have a penchant for actively ignoring 90 percent of rock and roll anyway, I thought it'd be fitting to come up with the Garage Rock Grammys: the Garammys — or the Garommys ... or something. Anyway, let's look at the best song, album and new artist from 2011, this time with guitar!

The Oil Slick: Which Garage Rock Bands are Super Bowl Bound?

Love it or hate it, the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the US. and the halftime show is a gig any artist would love to have on their resume. Lately, the halftime show has walked the line between nostalgia (The Who, Prince, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen) and modern pop (Black Eyed Peas) or both (Madonna). Nowhere to be found are anything close to modern rock bands, much less modern garage rock bands.

The Oil Slick: Looking Back on '11 — So Long, White Stripes; Welcome Back, Foo Fighters

Two thousand eleven has officially switched from happening to happened. In the music world, there was some good stuff in 2011, some bad and a whole lot of "meh." Because reminiscing is only acceptable this time of year (and all of my album picks have already been covered by two or 20 sites from around the Internet), these are the events from '11 that will be remembered months from now.

The Oil Slick: The One Where We Stop Comparing The Black Keys to The White Stripes

Last week, the Black Keys released their seventh album, El Camino, to wide-spread acclaim and enthusiastic fan reception. I'm sure four car commercials were spawned based just on the first single, “Lonely Boy.” Invariably, the band is compared to that other bombastic two-piece who made rawk with blues infusions back in the 2000s. You know the one; they helped bring back rock and roll. That other one with a color in their name and only two people in the band.

The Oil Slick: Garage Rock Tunes to Knock You Out of Your Christmas Carol Rut

Stock up on the booze and Google Grandma's number -- it's holiday season again. Nothing wrong with settling down with a rum and eggnog and seeing the family members whose calls you forgot to screen, but this celebrated season also has a dark side. Yes, along with the snow, ice and awkward family gatherings, the holidays also blare “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Baby (It's Cold Outside)” everywhere: malls, TV commercials, even your car isn't safe.

The Oil Slick: White Stripes Might Be Gone, But We Have Bad Sports, The 22-20s and The Goondas

When the White Stripes put it in writing that the band's hiatus had turned permanent, a void opened in the musical universe. The band had expertly fused blues, rock and a little punk to create their signature sound. Now that the Stripes have left the building, people need to look elsewhere to get their fix of raw, catchy rock.

Interview: George Benson Discusses His New Album, 'Guitar Man'

George Benson has had an illustrious career, spanning more than half a century. He has found commercial and critical success in a wide variety of genres, and has tackled everything from jazz to R&B to pop. Widely considered one of the best guitarists in jazz, Benson in was recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts as a Jazz Master in 2009, one of the highest awards in jazz.

The Oil Slick: Ode to The Motor City's Garage (Rock)

When you think of Detroit, the first thing that comes to mind is probably cars -- you know, with the whole "Motor City" nickname and city's legacy regarding American automobiles. Yet, to go along with all those cars, the city has a lot of garages, garages where a lot of people might keep a guitar or two handy. How else can one explain the Motor City's incredible number of garage rock bands?

The Oil Slick: Foo Fighters Take Garage Rock Mainstream

Foo Fighters recorded their latest album, Wasting Light, in their lead singer's garage. Then they embarked on a tour playing in fans' garages as their only venues. The same band has also been nominated for six Grammys, sold out Wembley Stadium (twice) and been called our generation's answer to Tom Petty by Pitchfork.

The Oil Slick: Guitar World's New Garage Rock Blog

It's good to appreciate the fine things -- in life and in rock 'n' roll. Things like the understated genius of Radiohead, the depth of The Beatles or the space magic of Pink Floyd.