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What to Know About Studio Recording for Beginners

With the advent of digital distribution, it’s more important than ever for bands and musicians to get their work out there. There’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to recording an album, or even a song, for the first time. Don’t let the overpowering amps or pro gear sway you too much -- when it comes down to it there are two golden rules: know your material inside and out, and find an engineer that knows how to create your desired sound.

Interview: Saves The Day's Chris Conley Talks "Daybreak"

Lead singer and guitarist Chris Conley talked to Guitar World about how what fans can expect from Daybreak with a new guitarist, their upcoming tour with Bayside and how The Beatles made him a better guitar player.

Interview: Puddle of Mudd Guitarist Paul Phillips on 'Re:(Disc) Covered'

In the early 2000s, Puddle of Mudd’s debut album Come Clean hit airwaves across the nation, bringing the grungy, Kansas City-based hard-rockers to the forefront of the commercial rock scene. Singles like “Blurry,” “Drift & Die” and “Control” could be heard anywhere from car radios to wrestling arenas, and angsty, heartbroken audiences everywhere could relate to the rejection anthem, “She Hates Me.”