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Motionless in White at Mayhem: The Five Most Common Types of People at Summer Rock Festivals

Moms make the world go round. Not really. But for some reason, they’re always at music festivals, no matter where or when. They’re the first ones who will treat you like you’re their own child and simultaneously tell you how much they disapprove of your music. Realistically, the only thing I’ve ever seen a mom do at a show is embarrass their kid in front of their idols and musical influences.

Motionless In White at Mayhem: Three Things Bands Should Never Do While on Tour

Nothing is worse than going on a business trip and forgetting your laptop charger. Well, maybe remembering it and finding out that your cat chewed a hole through it. That, and maybe when you realize this fact the next day when your closest Best Buy or Wal-mart is 30 miles away. Regardless, there are (few) things worse than a forgotten laptop charger, especially when it comes to musicians on tour.