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The Beatles on the Road to 'Magical Mystery Tour'

With nothing to do, the Beatles wandered in ways only the very rich can. They rented a boat and sailed up the coast of Athens, shopping for an island on which they could plant themselves and their growing commercial empire. “We’re all going to live there,” Lennon said. “It’ll be fantastic, all on our own on this island.” The idea came to nothing.

'Yellow Submarine' Sails Again: Director/Animator Bob Balser Recalls the Making of the Classic Animated Beatles Film

In 1967, American-born animator Bob Balser was working on a project in Spain when he received an invitation to fly to London and try his hand at designing animated characters based on the Beatles. The project? A full-length cartoon feature film called Yellow Submarine. “They had to get started quickly, because they had a screening date set for July of the following year,” Balser recalls. “They had just one year to do an entire feature-length animated film.”

Song Facts: The Beatles — "Hey Bulldog"

In The Beatles’ catalog, “Hey Bulldog” is a bridge between the psychedelic excesses of 1967 and the rock and roll revivalism they would pursue on the White Album and Let It Be. Written by John Lennon, the song is a straightahead rocker featuring a seductive boogie-style riff and some excellent aggressive lead guitar work.

Song Facts: The Beatles — "Here Comes The Sun"

It's unlikely John Lennon had much of anything to do with recording Harrison's second Abbey Road contribution. He was still out of commission from his July 1 automobile accident when work began on this Harrison track on July 7 in Studio Two.

Review: Crescendo DS-11 Earphones

Personal audio products have made earphones ubiquitous, but they've also raised the potential for hearing loss and nerve damage. Crescendo wants to change this. The Miami-based company has made hearing protection something of a cause, such as with ear plugs that allow performing musicians and their audiences to enjoy the show without blowing out their ears.

Guide to the Recording Equipment, Songs and Instruments Featured on The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' Album

While The Beatles spent the first months of 1969 getting back to their roots with the Let It Be sessions, EMI's Abbey Road Studios was moving headlong into the future. On November 23, 1968, Studio Two's control room had been outfitted with EMI's new TG12345 mixer, the first transistorized recording console in Abbey Road.

Review: EarPollution Mogul and CS40S Headphones

For years, makers of headphones for portable devices aimed to make stereo phones that were both good sounding and inconspicuous. The trade-off came at the expense of tone.

Chuck Schuldiner: Lust for Life

It was early 2001 when Chuck Schuldiner’s headaches returned. Over the past year, he had begun to feel like his old self again—remarkable, considering that, just one year before, the death metal guitarist had nearly died. In early January 2000, doctors in New York City had managed to remove more than half of a cancerous tumor dangerously nestled at the base of his brain. Months of physical therapy followed while he recovered at home, in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

A Guide to 12 Acoustic Guitar-Based Tracks on The Beatles' 'White Album'

A detailed guide to the elemental acoustic songs on the Beatles' "White Album."

Author Bruce Spizer Returns with "Beatles for Sale on Parlophone Records"

Bruce Spizer pursues his love of all things Beatles with an exhaustive — some might say compulsive — level of research and analysis. Now comes the latest book in Spizer’s series: Beatles for Sale on Parlophone Records, which covers all of the Fab Four’s singles, albums and extended-play discs issued in the U.K. from 1962 through 1970.