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Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments Offers Free K&K Pickup Upgrade with New Orders

Weber Fine Acoustic Instruments handcrafts amazing traditional instruments with a body shape and size for everyone. The custom options are endless.

Have you been looking for an excuse to buy that Weber instrument you’ve been eyeing? Now’s your chance!

Through the month of August, Weber is excited to offer a free upgrade on any new model: a factory installed K&K pickup ($300 value).

Just head over to your local dealer and place an order for a new Weber instrument, or call Weber directly. They will arrange everything (Gallatin and Bitterroot aesthetic packages excluded).

From Sapranolins to Mandocellos to Archtop guitars, Weber builds a body size and shape that suits every player’s style and genre. For the traditional player there are the classic A and F bodies. If you’re looking for a new shape to compliment your existing mandolins then try out the Two-point, Three-point or Cut-a-way.

For more information on the Weber family of instruments, including pricing, visit Don’t have a dealer in your area? Contact Weber at 888-886-7598 or and Bruce or Suz will be happy to help you out.

This offer is on new orders placed by August 31 and existing dealer inventory does not apply.