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Is This Guy the "World's Best Guitar Player"?

Every so often, I head to YouTube and search for "best guitarist," "fastest guitarist," "mind-blowing guitarist"—you get the idea.

And, pretty much every time, the video below turns up among the search results.

It's a clip, posted to YouTube April 6, 2012, called "World's Best Guitar Player Unbelievable." And—in those four years-plus—it has amassed more than 44 million views. Forty-four million?!?! That's insane!

The clip shows a guitarist named Amin Toofani performing at Harvard University. "Amin Toofani at Harvard shows his jaw dropping skills with guitar," says the video description. "It is jaw dropping. See yourself to believe it. Subscribe to my channel for more jaw dropping videos."

Okay, so, Toofani is a very good player and all, but he's not—I repeat, not—the best guitarist in the world. The only thing that drops when I watch this video is my ability to understand the internet.

Be sure to check out some of the comments on the video (on YouTube), including, "But can he play 'Smoke on the Water'?" Enjoy!