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Guitarist Plays Licks by "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time"

In 2012, we ran what turned out to be our largest, most successful and widely read readers' poll—"The Greatest Guitarist of All Time."

A bracket was made, players were ranked—a few were voted in—and the mammoth poll was set loose upon the masses.

It was a 132-guitarist tournament that would span nearly six months and log close to a half-million votes when all was said and done.

Was it a perfect, scientific process? No. We had a couple of extra matchups, some bizarre pairings and the occasional omission. But overall, it was a fun, engaging way to get y'all talking, sharing opinions and maybe even checking out some guitarists you weren't all that familiar with.

When the dust settled, Eddie Van Halen stood alone as the victor, defeating Queen's Brian May in a wild finals matchup that saw fan clubs, forums and Facebook pages getting involved to support their respective candidates. In October of that year, posted the results of the poll, Readers Poll Results: The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time," which still cracks our Top 10 every week in terms of most popular stories on the site. (It's our very own Dark Side of the Moon.)

Anyway, even though we've totally missed it until just now—like, literally 13.7 minutes ago—in December 2012, a guitarist named João Luzio posted a video tribute to our final results. In the clip, which is dubbed "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time (Guitar World Magazine)," Luzio plays licks by all 100 guitarists.

"The purpose of this video is purely of entertainment and the 'rating' of a 'best' guitar player is a vision truly subjective, depending on the taste of every single one," Luzio writes (He should remember this was a poll, not a ranking). "I don't think there is 'the best' guitar player. Everyone on this list or everyone that plays for him-/herself at home has his own personality in his playing, and if we all explore that, we should be able to reach for the best of us. Music is an infinite world, and there's room for everyone as long as we keep it honest."

By the way, the amp Luzio is playing through is Carvin's 100-watt, all-tube, three-channel V3 amp! For more about Carvin amps, step right this way.

On that note, here's Luzio's video. Enjoy! And keep it honest!