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Vomit Fist: "Broken" Playthrough Video and Tabs — Exclusive

Today, presents the exclusive playthrough video—plus tabs—for "Broken," a new track by New York City's Vomit Fist.

The song is from Vomit Fist's recently released debut digital EP, Forgive But Avenge, will be available in hard copy CD format October 28.

"'Broken' opens with a tapping etude in B minor," says Vomit Fist guitarist Nick Didkovsky, who appears in the video below.

"The first figure is a good warmup as well as a basic foundation for the rest of the material. You hammer on the 12th fret of the B string, pull off to the eighth fret, then hammer on the 11th fret of the G string and pull off to the seventh fret. I use my second finger for the B string and my first finger for the G string.

"Master that at a slow tempo, making sure you hear all four notes clearly and rhythmically evenly. The harmonies change by repositioning the left hand, and passing notes are occasionally inserted, which should sound clean and clear. The second finger/first finger — B string/G string alternating pattern lasts for a while, then inverts during the second beat of measure 6, to serve up a descending melody on the G string.

"That switch may feel tricky at first but if you let the music drive you, your fingers will intuitively follow. The last few measures break up the established tapping patterns and demand more left/right independence. Remember to always hear it as music and not just a sequence of fret and string numbers. Keep the tempo slow, try playing it rubato ... you may enjoy the effect of expressively swelling and ebbing loudness while you are playing.

"Really get inside it. Even though Vomit Fist plays it fast and loud with a high gain guitar tone, the material works in a variety of tempos and would probably sound great on acoustic guitar."

For more about Vomit Fist, visit and their Facebook page.

Forgive But Avenge is available HERE.

Vomit Fist BROKEN

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