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The Oil Slick: Three Bands We Need Back

Being in a band is like being in a family. The difference is, when you get sick of each other in a band, you get to split off and name a side project after yourself instead of being stuck constantly screening your phone calls.

Some bands have the music part down pat but wouldn't be caught in the same room as their drummer. When this happens, the band usually ends up existing purely in the past tense. Here are a couple bands that drifted apart way before they should have.

Oh, and this list omits an important entry — the White Stripes — because that goes without saying.

The Fratellis were an English band that unleashed their raucous garage rock/pop blend upon the world in 2007. Combining the spirit of good pub anthems with a call to dance until your legs fall off, the group released two stellar albums — Costello Music and Here We Stand — before they split in 2009. The band is supposedly back together now, but until they announce some new music, they make this list.

Rocket from the Crypt were playing some of the mid-'90s jazziest garage rock, blending the best part of ska (horns!) with the best parts of garage rock (everything else). The group nailed the art of humorous songs that brought the noise. Unfortunately, the last time the group performed together was for an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!, an unfitting end to the group that managed to blend ska and garage rock into something downright awesome.

The Libertines were Britain's next big sensation, releasing two albums that quickly became critical darlings in the early 2000s, thanks to their excellent mix of crunchy guitars and decent lyrics. Sadly, the band ran into addiction problems and split in 2004, with the members all going on to find their own projects. There have been whispers of a reunion since 2010, but nobody from the band seems very eager to act on them.

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