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12 Days of Holiday Deals from Guitar World: Day 1 — 'Mastering Scales' DVD Part 1 and 2 Combo Pack for $20

Save $9.99 by purchasing 'Mastering Scales' Part 1 and 2 together in this awesome combo pack that includes almost FOUR HOURS total of instruction!

Mastering Scales - Part 1 DVD Originally $14.99

Our best-selling DVD of 2013, Mastering Scales is a deluxe crash course in guitar theory, with more than 80 minutes of instructional video to help you reach the next level!

Everything you need to know about Pentatonic, Hexatonic, and Blues Scales. Plus, exotic scales, monster shred patterns, moving through the cycle of fifths.

Mastering Scales - Part 2 DVD Originally $14.99

Mastering Scales Part 2 brings more than two and a half hours of valuable instruction from Jimmy Brown. The newest installment of Mastering Scales offers a deluxe crash course in guitar theory, including everything you need to know about Major, Harmonic & Melodic-Minor, and Symmetrical Scales. Plus the 7 Modes, Power Picking, Extended Patterns with Position shifts, and much more!

Mastering Scales Part 2 also includes a Bonus Section featuring a complete Bach two-part invention, arranged for two guitars!

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