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NAMM 2014 Video: Marshall Amplification JVM Tattoo Series and Handwired Series — with Demo

Members of the Guitar World crew visited the always-impressive Marshall Amplification booth at the 2014 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

Marshall's Nick Bowcott gave us a tour of the company's latest offerings, which include the Custom Shop JVM Tattoo Series and the popular Handwired Series.

From the company:

Marshall got together with five of the U.K.’s most respected tattooists to lend their art and style to some of Marshall’s British-built products. The tattooists were given a completely open brief to ensure that their own individual style came through in their art. Each had the following three products to work with:

  • JVM1H all-valve, 1-Watt head with a C110 1x10” cabinet
  • JVM215C all-valve, 50-Watt 1x12” combo
  • JVM410H all-valve, 100-Watt head with a 1960A angled 4x12” cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Handwired Series of all-valve amps celebrates Marshall’s legacy of influencing the sound of rock and blues for more than 50 years.

Handwired is an ongoing series that features painstaking reissues of revered, historical, Marshall products that were originally completely wired by the human hand. These handcrafted, British-built amps capture in detail the authentic, legendary sound of Marshall, not only for connoisseurs and collectors, but also for a new generation of gear-savvy and tone-savvy musicians.

Check out our exclusive video below, which includes a brief demo of an amp in the Handwired Series. For more information, visit