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Photo Gallery: Behind the Scenes at the 2012 Holiday Review Guide Photo Shoot, Part 2

Here are six more behind-the-scenes photos from our upcoming 2012 Holiday Review Guide, which is coming to newsstands and the Guitar World Online Store in November.

In case you missed it, here's the first behind-the-scenes photo gallery (Click here), which we posted September 28. We'll be rolling out several more behind-the-scenes photo galleries until the newsstand date, November 22.

The back story: Last month, Guitar World's Brad Tolinski, Paul Riario and Jimmy Hubbard headed out to West Hollywood's Sunset Strip to assist photographer Travis Shinn -- who is shown in some of these photos -- as he photographed models Jaime Edmondson, Olivia Paige, Heather Rae Young and Hiromi Oshima for the issue.

A few factoids from Riario:

• Olivia took home the Danzig T-shirt.

• A lot of companies were represented (in the holiday guide) this time around.

• The girls had a lot of fun, and I believe Jaime will be talking about the shoot in her blog.

• The girls were a lot of fun, and it was easily the smoothest review guide we've shot thus far.

Stay tuned for more photo galleries! And since November is still a long way off, be sure to check out our Guitar Legends: Girls & Guitars issue, which is available now.

Behind-the-scenes photos: Jimmy Hubbard

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