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Randall Launches New Ola Englund Satan50 Amplifier Head

Randall has launched its new Ola Englund Satan50 amplifier head. The new 50-watt tube amp is the follow-up to Randall's first collaboration with Ola Englund, the Satan amp head.

The Satan50 is a 2 channel, 50 watt amplifier with independent tone controls and boost. It features three 12AX7 preamp tubes and two 6L6 power amp tubes, and includes biasing on the rear panel with multiple power tube options. Controls include Presence, Depth, and Master Volume, and it offers an effects loop with send level and passive or series return options. An included two-button footswitch enables channel and kill switching, as well as optional effects loop switching.

“Our latest collaboration with Ola Englund, one of today’s most prolific metal guitarists, is bringing high-end, metal-focused tube amps to an entire generation of players,” Joe Delaney—Randall's Brand Director—said today.

“This amp is another Mike Fortin-designed monster in terms of articulate gain staging, and after the success of its big brother we expect this lower-priced compact model to attract an even larger crowd and give dealers something to celebrate in 2018.”

The Satan50 will be available in February at a retail price of $1,499.

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