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Reverend Guitars Introduces Reeves Gabrels Signature Model with Railhammer Chisel Pickups

Reverend Guitars has announced its new Reeves Gabrels Signature Model guitar, now with Railhammer Chisel pickups. The new model, the Reeves Gabrels II, is Reverend's second Gabrels model.

Gabrels, who worked with Reverend on the guitar's specs, opted for the new Railhammer Chisels, which feature rails under the wound strings for tight lows and poles under the plain strings for fat highs. The pickups have power and clarity, which complement Gabrels’ style.

The signature model also now comes in a satin finish, which gives three-dimensional depth to the flame-maple top. The Reeves II will come in Satin Flame Maple Black and Satin Flame Maple Orange.

The solid Korina body has a recessed Wilkinson tremolo, and the pickup selector is a toggle-style switch, which can be rotated at any angle to suit the player. In addition to the volume/tone/bass contour knobs, featured on all Reverend guitars, the Reeves II also has a push-pull phase switch for more sonic adventures.

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If you're not familiar with Gabrels' work, check out his official website, his Facebook page and the video below.