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Vox Launches Limited Versions of AC4C1-12, Night Train NT15C1-CL and Lil' Night Train Set Guitar Amps

Vox Amplification has announced three Special Edition versions of its current, popular guitar amp. For a limited time only, the new AC4C1-12; Night Train NT15C1-CL; and Lil' Night Train NT2H-GD will offer a variety of new options for guitarists and collectors alike.


The iconic 4-watt AC4 combo amplifiers remain one of the most popular VOX tube amps, providing a simple and convenient way to enjoy the rich sound of a tube-driven amp. Previous models were equipped with a 10-inch speaker; the AC4C1-12 features a 12-inch Celestion speaker that delivers even more robust sound levels.

With diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl exterior, it also carries on the classic looks of the VOX tradition. Just as with other AC4 models, this versatile, Class A tube amp features two 12AX7 preamp tubes and an EL84 power tube and offers solid performance for practicing at home, performing live, or recording.

Night Train NT15C1-CL

With its metallic exterior, the all-tube Night Train series emanates a distinctive look that differs from the usual VOX aesthetic. By contrast, the new Night Train NT15C1-CL combo amplifier delivers modern tones with a classic look. The front sports VOX’s trademark diamond grille cloth and gold badge, providing a traditional look that will satisfy long-time VOX fans.

The 15-watt, EL84-powered, NT15C1-CL delivers tube tones ranging from clean to crunch, as well as high-gain sounds and everything in-between, covering any situation. The GIRTH channel has a powerful, modern high-gain sound for the guitarist who seeks an even heavier sound. The BRIGHT channel provides VOX's distinctive clean/crunch sounds and also features a THICK mode that bypasses the tone control circuit and provides a gain boost. A digital reverb designed exclusively by VOX offers studio-quality reverb sounds.

Lil' Night Train Set - Limited Gold version

The original Lil’ Night Train amplifier head and cab has been acclaimed by professionals and amateurs alike for its robust tube tone; portable and compact design; and rugged mirror-finish. This little 2-watt powerhouse is now also available as the NT2H-GD-SET, a limited edition matte gold-colored amplifier head that's paired with a speaker cabinet sporting the traditional VOX diamond grille cloth and basket-weave leather.

Each Limited Edition model will be available in August 2014 exclusively through all U.S. Guitar Center stores, plus online through, with U.S. Street pricing as follows:

AC4C1-12 - $349.99 | NT15C1-CL - $699.99 | NT2H-GD-SET - $329.99

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