The 31 Most Significant Guitar Events of the Past 35 Years

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Guitar World recently celebrated its first 30 years of publication with a look back at the most significant events to rock the guitar community since the magazine was founded in 1980.

Some of these events are landmark record releases, some are wild technological advances and others are tragic moments of loss. But they all reshaped, revitalized and renewed interest in our favorite instrument.

The photo gallery below highlights 31 watershed moments, but it also shows the ephemeral nature of music; how quickly things can change. One day something is state-of-the-art, and the next day it's bargain-bin junk.

One moment your guitar hero is dazzling you with skills beyond your comprehension, and in another moment all that remains is his legacy. One thing that never changes, though, is evolution. The only thing more interesting than what's happened in the last 35 years is what will happen in the next.

The events below are listed chronologically. Enjoy!