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Black Friday is dead, but that hasn't stopped Guitar Center slashing $300 off this D'Angelico Premier Bedford offset

Black Friday is dead, but that hasn't stopped Guitar Center slashing $300 off this D'Angelico Premier Bedford offset
(Image credit: D'Angelico)

It's no secret that we love an offset here at Guitar World. There is something about the curves of these fabulously wonky guitars that make our hearts sing - and right now, one of our favorites is currently on sale! You can save a mammoth $300 off the D'Angelico Premier Bedford at Guitar Center - with two stunning finishes available - Fiesta Red and Ice Blue Metallic. 

The D'Angelico Premier Series Bedford SH has all the bases covered with its trio of pickups - two Duncan Designed single-coils and a Duncan Designed mini-humbucker in the bridge - meaning you can switch effortlessly from Strat-like jingle to soaring rock leads, at the flick of a switch. The hollow nature of the Bedford also brings a warmth and extra sonic characteristic to this asymmetrical guitar that's generally not found on classic offsets such as the Fender Jazzmaster or Jaguar. So if you find yourself longing for a versatile guitar that will handle anything you throw at it and with a look that will turn heads, the D'Angelico is most certainly for you - and with $300 off, you really can't go wrong.

D'Angelico Premier Bedford: $799.99

D'Angelico Premier Bedford: $799.99, now $499.99
Okay, D’Angelico may be more famous for their legendary Jazz guitars, but they have an offset that would easily rival the offset royalty, Fender. With a versatile HSS setup, a Strat-style tremolo, and a user-friendly control layout, the Bedford is a guitar you have to try - and with $300 off you have no excuse not to give it ago.  

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