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Can't choose between the Fender Acoustasonic Strat and Tele? Let Tyler Bryant and Daniel Donato decide for you with this epic guitar battle

Life is littered with unanswerable questions: Beatles or Stones? Jordan or LeBron? Hamburgers or hot dogs?

Just behind these, of course, is which Fender Acoustasonic guitar is right for you: the original Telecaster design or the new Stratocaster model?

To help guide us toward an answer, Tyler Bryant and Daniel Donato recently went head-to-head on a pair of Acoustasonics, with Bryant on a Strat and Donato handling a Tele.

Clearly, both instruments were up for the challenge as well, capable of handling the variety of clean and distorted tones, not to mention the bursts of fiery licks, required for the face-off.

As for who comes out the winner? All of us, for being allowed to peek in on the proceedings, of course.

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