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Fender equips Tone Master amps with Blonde finishes and new features

Fender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb
(Image credit: Fender)

Fender has officially released all-new Blonde editions of its increasingly popular digital amps: the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb.

The Tone Master series is designed, as the company says, to "create a perfect replication of the most revered tube amps in history," and now the company has taken the models an aesthetic step further - with a number of spec tweaks in tow.

The new editions swap out the previous Jensen N-12K neodymium speakers for Celestion Neo Creambacks, promising a "more distinctive rock 'n' roll flavor".

The new editions also feature new IR cabinet simulations, captured with Shure SM57 and Sennheiser MD421 microphones, as well as an improved reverb control, offering easier fine-tuning at lower settings.

Doing away with the virtual bright cap on its Vibrato channel, the Deluxe Reverb Blonde edition aims to provide players with more options when using distortion and overdrive pedals, too.

The Tone Master Deluxe Reverb Blonde and Twin Reverb Blonde are available now for $949 and $1,099, respectively.

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Fender Tone Master Twin Reverb Blonde

(Image credit: Fender)

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