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Gone Fishing Effects launches super-limited-edition fuzz pedal, The Rage Of The Tsar

Gone Fishing Effects The Rage Of The Tsar
(Image credit: Gone Fishing Effects)

British boutique pedal maker Gone Fishing Effects has launched a limited-edition fuzz pedal, The Rage Of The Tsar.

The artwork is without question the defining feature of this release; each individual pedal – of which there are only 36 – sports a unique design courtesy of artist Chris Dorning. When pieced together, the pedals form one giant – and rather spectacular – canvas, which can be seen below:

Gone Fishing Effects The Rage Of The Tsar

(Image credit: Gone Fishing Effects)

As alluded to in its name, the pedal features rare Russian germanium transistors, housed within a totally handmade and hand-drilled enclosure. While there's limited info available regarding further specs, the pedal looks to have a simple two-knob control setup, presumably for volume and fuzz.

Says Gone Fishing: “This strictly limited-edition fuzz gives you those thick creamy classic tones, cleans up your humbuckers if backed off to glassy trebles... and then you can turn it up! On full, it is an all out square wave doom machine. Angry, aggressive, loud, brutal. Just like the Tsar himself.”

Unfortunately – likely due to its exclusivity – all 36 The Rage Of The Tsar pedals sold out within two hours of going on sale last week. 

We'd wager no one will ever see the complete canvas in the flesh again, not unless a particularly keen – and deep-pocketed – fuzz aficionado manages to track them all down. We remain cautiously optimistic that that day will come in the future.

You might remember Gone Fishing Effects from its work with Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil. That work, of course, was the Booooom/Blast distortion pedal. Like The Rage Of The Tsar, the Booooom/Blast was a limited-edition pedal, with only 200 available worldwide.

Gone Fishing Effects is based in Preston, England, and is run by Richard ‘Churd’ Pratt, who has been guitar tech to the likes of Biffy Clyro, Kasabian, The Prodigy, Helmet and more.

For more info on The Rage Of The Tsar, head over to Gone Fishing Effects.

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