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Harley Benton unveils its first-ever multi-FX pedal, with tons of amp models, built-in IRs and $140 price tag

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Harley Benton spends most of its time building insanely affordable electric and acoustic guitars, but now the company has announced its first digital modelling multi-effects pedal, the DNAfx GiT.

The new pedal offers hundreds of amps, cabs and effects in a portable and, yes, super-low-priced package.

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Among the included features are 55 classic and modern guitar amp models with real tube amp tone, feel and response, 26 IR guitar speaker cabinet model sims with added support for third-party IR files and 151 built-in effects, including drives, compressors, noise gates, EQs, modulation, wah, pitch, filters, delays, reverbs and more.

The unit also offers access to nine types of effects simultaneously, with up to 200 store-and-recall preset patches.

(Image credit: Harley Benton)

Additionally, there’s an integrated expression pedal for on-the-fly parameter adjustments, tap tempo function, 80-second phrase looper, drum machine with 40 drum patterns and 10 metronome rhythms and an LED chromatic tuner.

The DNAfx has USB connectivity for PC/MAC editing, direct audio recording and software updates, stereo, mono and headphone jacks and an included 9V DC power supply.

And like all Harley Benton products, it comes with a ridiculously affordable price tag of just $140.

For more information, head to Harley Benton.