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NAMM 2020: Fryette delivers with new Deliverance Series II amps

(Image credit: courtesy of Fryette)

NAMM 2020: Fryette has updated its Deliverance line of guitar amplifiers with the Deliverance 60 Series II and the Deliverance 120 Series II.

The new Series II models are updated with a Solo Volume mode and a transparent effects loop, both of which can be controlled using a remote footswitch. 

In addition, a More Mode toggle switch (activating an additional tube gain stage) is assignable to the Solo Volume mode for extra tube gain boost on the fly.

There’s also a newly added Bright toggle switch function that can be set to operate manually, assigned to the More mode or activated together with Solo mode using the footswitch.

(Image credit: courtesy of Fryette)

Otherwise, both amps boast dual gain controls, a More/Less selectable gain switch, EQ, presence and depth controls, KT88 power tubes (two in the Deliverance 60 and four in the Deliverance 120) tubes, specially designed, precision wound power and output transformers and plenty of additional features.

For more information, deliver yourself to Fryette.