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Neural DSP’s Fortin Cali Suite promises everything from vintage cleans to high-gain distortion

(Image credit: Fortin Amps)

Neural DSP - the company behind Archetype: Plini and Tosin Abasi - has teamed up with Fortin Amps for the Fortin Cali Suite plugin.

The new Suite offers the Fortin Cali, a 50-watt guitar amp with three channels – clean, OD1 and OD2 – as well as a Violence switch for increased gain.

Thump and Hair switches allow for frequency control of the interaction with the power amp, and there’s a three-way bright switch for each channel for a high-frequency boost that becomes less active as gain control is increased.

Additionally, the Cali Suite features models of Fortin’s Grind (distortion), Zuul (noise gate) and Hexdrive (overdrive) pedals, as well as a cab sim section with 125 IRs captured by Adam “Nolly” Getgood.

The Fortin Cali Suite is available now with a 14-day free trial. For more information, head to Neural DSP.