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Old Blood Noise Endeavors unveils versatile $29 Split/Meld signal splitter

Old Blood Noise Endeavors has launched the ultra-affordable, $29 Split/Meld passive router/signal splitter that opens up a plethora of tonal possibilities to explore.

Doing away with the need for a power supply due to the passive nature of the pedal, the Split/Meld is composed of two TRS/stereo jacks and two pairs of mono jacks, with the tip and ring of each TRS jack corresponding to one of the mono jacks.

The unit presents a number of opportunities to get creative with your signal path, including sending your signal to two separate amps, or directing half your signal to a secondary pedalboard to experiment with different effects.

From blending your favorite fuzz with dirty distortions, to combining the distinct tonal qualities of two individual amps, the Split/Meld promises endless creativity and encourages greater signal path experimentation.

The passive pedal has also been designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing 'board, and the compact size means precious real estate won't be sacrificed in order to accommodate it.

OBNE Split/Meld

(Image credit: Old Blood Noise Endeavors)

OBNE describes the Split/Meld as: "simply practically, practically simple", and a "passive, non-summing, non-destructive way to manage parallel dual-mono and stereo signal paths".

The OBNE Split/Meld is available now for $29.

For more info, visit Old Blood Noise Endeavors.

Recently, OBNE reinvigorated and relaunched the versatile Alpha Haunt Fuzz, offering up a more streamlined, pedalboard-friendly package, while promising the same full-throttle fuzz tones as the original.