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Organize your pedal collection with 25% off Road Runner's compact pedalboards

Road Runner Effects pedalboards
(Image credit: Musician's Friend)

As guitarists, we love collecting and experimenting with effects that shape our sound. But as our collections grow, so does our need to organize them. The best pedalboards solve this problem by offering maximum real estate while providing simple and discrete attachment options, allowing you to keep your collection neat and tidy, even on the road.

Road Runner Effects' solid aluminum case-style pedalboards offer excellent portability and endless options for customization, courtesy of their fully velcro-fitted interiors. Offered in large and small options, both come with self-adhesive velcro tape for the easy mounting of pedals.

The large and small options normally sell for $114.99 and $84.99, respectively, however if you use the code 'rocktober' at the checkout over at Musician's Friend, you'll get 25 percent off each.

The small case is able to hold four to five pedals – depending on your pedals' sizes – while the large case is able to hold between six and eight.

To keep your stompboxes safe during transport, the inside of each case's lid comes padded with super-secure nub foam. Each case is also installed with PVC feet, meaning no slippage while stomping.

Other features of these handy 'boards include nickel-plated steel spring handles with transparent PVC coverings and chrome-plated corners.

So if you're looking to tidy up your stompbox collection while keeping your pedals safe, here's your solution. Head over to Musician's Friend now to secure yours.

Get 25% off Road Runner pedalboards at Musician's Friend

Get 25% off Road Runner pedalboards at Musician's Friend
With velcro-fitted interiors, robust aluminum outer-casings and extra secure nub foam, these compact and portable 'boards will help organize your pedal collection while keeping your stompboxes safe.

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