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Get the ultimate distortion effects bundle – a ProCo Rat 2, cable, power supply and picks – for only $90

Get the ultimate distortion effects bundle – a ProCo Rat 2, cable, power supply and picks – for only $90
(Image credit: ProCo)

If you're looking for a solid distortion pedal at a killer price this Prime Day, you won't go far wrong with this $30 saving on the ProCo Rat 2 over at Guitar Center.

Launched in 1988, the Rat 2 has become one of the most notable distortion boxes on the market, famed for its tonal flexibility and versatile blend of overdrive, distortion and fuzz. This versatility makes it a perfect addition to any pedalboard.

Whether you're into blues, metal, punk, rock or anything in between, the ProCo Rat is sure to deliver all the gain-heavy tones you could ever desire.

ProCo Rat 2 distortion pedal bundle: Was $120, now $90
Bag one of the most iconic distortion pedals of all time – and a host of extras including an instrument cable, power supply and box of picks – for under 100 bucks. Secure this $30 saving quick, because we don't expect it to be available for long.View Deal

In this super-sweet – and rather convenient – Guitar Center deal, you can pick up the ProCo Rat – and a host of handy extras – for only $90. That's a massive $30 or 25% off the original list price.

Extras include a 10-foot instrument cable, ultra-low-noise cable, Rat RPS2 power supply – which also powers all other ProCo Rat units – and five Rat-branded guitar picks.

The ProCo Rat 2 can be heard on literally thousands of recordings from the past three decades, and you could own one of your own now for less than 100 bucks. Don't wait around, we're expecting this deal to sell through very fast.

And if you're looking for more killer pedal deals, we'll be sharing all the best offers over on our Prime Day guitar deals page.

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