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Poll: The Greatest Guitarist of All Time — Dave Mustaine Vs. Buddy Guy

Welcome to our first-ever Greatest Guitarist poll, where 128 guitarists will go head to head, round by round, in a bracketed format, in the style of NCAA basketball's March Madness tournament.

Last week, we filled 124 of 128 slots with the names of a host of incredible guitarists (dead and living) -- players chosen for their technical ability as well as their importance and creativity, not to mention how influential they've been.

Over the weekend, we asked you to vote in the final four names, which you did. Now the 128 slots are filled, and we're ready to go.

Which leads us to the first matchup of Round 1. It features two players from opposite ends of the guitar-playing spectrum. Get ready for this March madness:

On one side, you have Dave Mustaine, who has lent his talents to two of the most successful metal bands of all time — Metallica and Megadeth — and pioneered his now-famous "spider chord" technique.

On the other, you have Buddy Guy, an immensely influential blues guitarist and a living legend who performed and recorded with Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf and won a Grammy for his 1991 album, Damn Right, I've Got the Blues.

Strange matchup? Yes -- get used to it! Just as in a basketball tournament, one can't predict where a team will be seeded, and this initial matchup is just a taste of what's to come. Again, remember to consider technical ability, creativity, importance and level of influence when voting.

Which one will advance to the next round? That's up to you to decide. Start voting!


Dave Mustaine: 4,167 Votes
Buddy Guy: 3,935 Votes

Winner: Mustaine