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AXOLOGY: Randall Unveils Its Kirk Hammett Signature Series amp

The RM100KH custom Kirk Hammett amp is the newest addition to Randall Amplifier’s Kirk Hammett Signature Series.

The custom head cranks out 100 watts of power and features three modular preamps that recreate Hammett’s tones from over his long career, ranging from classically clean to brutally crunchy. The KH1 module replicates Hammett’s classic clean tone, the KH2 his signature rhythm tone and the KH3 his legendary high-gain rhythm tone. The modules are interchangeable, allowing musicians to pair existing modules with Hammett’s tones to build the rig to their own specifications.

Hammett worked closely with Randall to ensure that all aspects of the amp are up to his exact standards. Even the volume, drive and level indications on the MTS modules are done in Kirk's own handwriting.

Additional amp features include 6L6 power tubes, MIDI In/Thru, a parallel loop with front panel mix control, a series loop and a tube bias section.

The RM100KH Custom Amp retails for $1,999.00 and is available at exclusive Randall dealers.