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Budget Strat Comparison: Squier Classic Vibe Strat vs. Fender Standard Strat

Squier’s Classic Vibe Stratocasters are designed to recall the looks and tone of Fender’s Fifties and Sixties eras, and to do it at a nice price point (retail $399.99).

In this video, Phillip McKnight takes a look at how the guitars stand up against the made-in-Mexico Fender Standard Strat, another budget-friendly option (retail $599.99). Among the differences he examines are the body contours and neck shape. Phillip explains that while some believe the Squier has a thinner body, it’s actually more a matter of how the body is contoured. “It gives the illusion that the bodies are a lot thinner than on the Standard series,” he notes.

Phillip also compares the sound of the guitars at the 2:00 and 5:20 markers.

If you’re familiar with his videos, many of which we’ve shared here, you’ll know that Phillip offers a wealth of great information about gear. You can view all of his videos at his YouTube channel.