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D'Angelico Guitars Announces Deluxe Collection

Brand new for 2016, D'Angelico Guitars is proud to present the Deluxe Collection.

Stunning upgraded deluxe editions are now available for the six most popular Standard Series models. Redesigned by the D'Angelico team in New York City, the Deluxe Collection features custom-made Seymour Duncan DA-59 pickups, graphite nuts, Grover locking tuners, six-way switches and new Jescar frets.

For the EX-175, gold TV Jones DA-Tron pups. And for the EX-59, Seymour Duncan DA-90’s.

These Deluxe Editions are refined versions of the same masterful Standard Series guitars D’Angelico customers have come to know in recent years and are available only in Midnight Matte, a finish that embodies their elegance.

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